We almost accept almost all returned item and give full refund once we receive the item back with unused in the original package. Additionally, we also sometimes pay for the return postage cost subject to following condition: 

a) if you are not happy due to delay of dispatch.

b) if we deliver defective product intentionally or unintentionally.

c) if we deliver wrong products

d) if we deliver damaged product or with damaged package and you returned the product unused in original package. We will need your proof of purchase such as invoice or receipt copy for that. FOR RETURNING ITEM, WE DO NOT COLLECT THE ITEM FROM CUSTOMER'S ADDRESS. It is your responsibility to dispatched the item back to us via any shipping method to our address given at our website homepage. Once we receive the item, we will check and will pay the full refund with your return postage cost subject to condition of the returned item.

For any of the above reason or for any other reason, if you want to return the product, you have to let us know by 5 days after you receiving the product ( receiving date) via email to customerservice@mhaque.co.uk. However, you can return the product until 28 days after purchase date. To get full refund, it is your responsibility to send the item back without making any damage of the product, product's sticker, product's label or logo. Otherwise, we may give you partial refund subject to the condition of the returned item. However, in some cases we even accept little damage with packaging which is repairable to give full refund with return postage cost. Please contact with us via email customerservice@mhaque.co.uk and explain your issue. You can call us on 02036482581 or 07951435150. We will try our best to give you best solution to resolve your problem.

Customer need to wait 2-5 full working days(Exclude any bank holidays, week end, Christmas day, Easter, boxing day or any other government decided holiday) to get refund into their card or their account.

 Note: If you receive damaged package, damaged item, faulty items, we need our customer to take picture of the damaged and inform us by 5 days from the delivery date. Customer need to wait 2-5 full working days to get refund into their card or their account.